Venetian Blind – response to provocation – Rose

The executioner’s blade/the editor’s cut Film as thin coating of something (a skin) – a film of dust or dried up silt after the water is gone. The meaning of ‘film’ “to make a movie of” is from 1899 – what happened in Venice (a death? And execution?) that corresponds? no prizes for paintings were […]


the haunting spectre of our own uncanny-ending-not endingwith waterbeing super-substanceconnecting us to other-historiesand other-others :characters, drifts, glances, foreshadowing. Foreshadowing – the father (church, dont look now protagonist), the executioner (state), the merchant (commerce/capital) pretells the story. That is architecture, curating our character. That is water, slowly defining the textures and timbres of the walls. That […]

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